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indian village

370 Wilson Street East, Ancaster
visited Saturday May 10, 2014

I only have a few people in my life whom I can go and enjoy a good Indian meal with.  My momma is one of them, so I was delighted when she chose Indian food for her mother’s day meal.  I was in charge of sourcing out where exactly we would end up and a random eeny meeny miney moe landed us here at Indian Village.

The this lil restaurant in a strip plaza in Ancaster is unassuming and tucked back from the main road, but don’t just drive by without paying attention to it.  It’s absolutely worth checking out.  I have a small confession to make…. I used to hate curry!  As a kid I would go ballistic if my mom was cooking curry and I’d get nauseous from the smell and pretty much leave the house so the pungent aroma didn’t stick to my clothes or hair.  I remember the smell was enough to wake me up in the middle of the night and I would gag under my covers.  I was never a picky eater, but this curry thing was quite traumatizing for me as you can see.  Fast forward 20 years and somewhere, somehow I’ve come to quite enjoy all types of curry and can even handle the smell…I will even go so far to say I enjoy the wafting spices of curry now.  Funny how things change!

So we ordered some Vegetable Samosas $4.49 (2pcs) in a tangy chickpea sauce to start.  I’ve never seen samosas served this way in a bowl surrounded by chickpeas but it was delicious.  The samosas were crisp and packed full of potatoes, veggies and spices.  I did detect a little oily taste in the crust although they weren’t greasy, but I found that the chickpea sauce quickly masked that fried flavour nicely.

Plain Naan $1.99

Plain Naan $1.99

The carboholic that I am I definitely needed Plain Naan $1.99.  It was large, doughy and had those little burnt bubbles.  Naan is undoubtedly the most perfect utensil for soaking up any lovely sauce swimming around your indian dishes.

Mommy dearest wanted to try the Vegetable Biryani $8.99 and although I’m not a huge rice fan I was pleasantly surprised with this plate.  First off it was served beautifully in a massive dome shape that was decorated and topped with slivered almonds and green onions.  It was flavoured with saffron and studded with bell peppers, carrots and peas plus served with a mild curry sauce and raita yogurt.  We each had a decent helping and barely made a dent in it.  Definitely a dish to share with several people.

Kashmiri Lamb Curry $11.99

Kashmiri Lamb Curry $11.99

And lastly the Kashmiri Lamb Curry $11.99.  I love how this restaurant listed 11 different curry dishes to choose from and you also get to choose the protein in your curry, either chicken, beef, lamb or shrimp.  I’m no curry expert by any means (says the girl who used to dry heave when saying the word curry!), but I do know that all curries are not made equally and each consists of a different mixture of spices, heat and flavours. This Kashmiri curry was flavoured with sweet saffron and cardamom then topped with raisins, almonds and pistachios.  Again, this is the first time we’ve ever had a curry of this nature and we quite loved it.  There was lots of sauce for my naan to soak up and it wasn’t oily or didn’t separate (sometimes I notice this with curry sauces).  The lamb chunks were super meaty and tender and I wanna guess it was cooked in a pressure cooker by the consistency.  


The service was excellent, with our water glasses continually being filled and someone always nearby if we needed anything extra.  The décor was fine- clean and bright with lovely serving dishes and spoons.  But my OCD was only slightly irritated with the pictures that were hung a few inches from ceiling level.  Just bring those pictures down a few feet and I’d feel more settled in that space.

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India Village


With beautifully presented dishes, authentic Indian flavours and perfectly executed food this is my new favourite Indian spot. I'm glad I've grown out of my curry aversion and can enjoy all the lovely meals India has to offer.

  • Food 5
  • Value 5
  • Service 5
  • Decor/Ambiance 4

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