Upgraded Filing Cabinet


christmas 2014 035
This boring, drab and slightly beat up filing cabinet of mine has needed an upgrade for quite some time now.  An afternoon off over the Christmas break allowed me to tackle it finally and the results are fab!  See how a little effort and a couple bucks transformed this everyday item.

christmas 2014 036
The materials I needed were:
1. old filing cabinet
2. no more nails adhesive
3. 2x white picture frames – make sure they fit the dimensions of the face of the cabinet. (these were from the dollar store)
4. can of white spray paint
5. new handles x2

christmas 2014 059
After wiping down the cabinet of dust and dirt, I removed the handles and removed the backing and glass from the photo frames.  Next I put a thin strip of ‘no more nails’ adhesive on the back of the frames and pressed them onto the face of the filing cabinet.  I added a heavy pan atop each frame to help it firmly adhere to the cabinet.  I let this dry and set for an hour.
filing cabinet 001
I took the cabinet to the garage and gave it two coats of ‘Rustoleum Painters Touch’ flat white spray paint.   With the frames on the cabinet already, this ensures the whole thing is one unified colour of white.  A good couple of hours of drying in a well ventilated area was all this needed.
filing cabinet 002
After is was all dry I added the new hardware I picked out from Home Depot and voila.  I spent a total of $20 and maybe an hours worth of hands on time with this upgraded cabinet.  It looks like a substantial piece of furniture now for my home office.


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