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So my lil girl already has quite the shoe collection and she hasn’t even been born yet.  I wanted to display them and gain easy access to all these cute booties and baby footwear, but there really wasn’t any baby shoe holders out there to buy.  So my motto continues to be….”If you can’t buy it, then make it!”.  See how I easily made my own clear hanging baby shoe holder for less than a dollar and in less time than you’re average shoe shopping expedition.

First I bought this clear vinyl table cloth cover from the Dollar Store for $2.50.  You end up only using maybe a quarter of this, so if you wanted to make multiple shoe holders you totally could get at least 3-4 more outta this one package.
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Next, get a spare plastic hanger and measure the width of it.  Cut a long strip of the clear vinyl to fit the width of the hanger.  In this case my hanger was 12 inches wide, so I cut a 12 inch wide piece of vinyl.  For future shoe holders I might suggest a touch wider just to accommodate some larger shoes….13inches would be ideal.  The length is totally up to you and where it will hang in your closet and/or how many shoes you want it to hold.  I just cut it the length of the precut vinyl table cloth which in this case was 52 inches.
2015-03-14 18.20.32
I cut the pockets the same width as the long back piece of vinyl just described, at 12 inches wide.  The length was 6 inches for the pockets and I cut 7 pockets total which all fit down the length of this particular holder.
2015-03-14 18.28.41
Next I placed each pocket approximately 1 inch apart down the length of the back piece of vinyl and pinned the pockets in place.  Its all hard to see in the pics since we’re working with clear vinyl, but its really as straight forward as lining the pocket pieces up to wherever you like along the main piece of vinyl.
2015-03-14 18.52.10
And then I went to town sewing the pockets onto the main piece of vinyl.  Of course you just sew the sides and bottom and leave the top seam open to allow the shoe to tuck into.  And for each pocket I sewed right down the middle of it to section it off into two pockets- this makes the pocket taut so that the shoes don’t flop out.  I sewed a flap over the top of the hanger so it could hang- I did a double line of sewing for added stability.  I used a fun red thread in a zig zag stitch to add visual interest.
2015-03-14 20.09.24
2015-03-14 20.09.16
And here is the finished product!  I love how you can see everything in it and it hangs in the closet without taking up too much space.  Now planning the outfits for my lil girl will be fun, easy and complete from head to toe!  (And yes those are gold moccasins, leopard print ballet flats and Dr. Martens….. this chick has her fashion sense about her already hahahahahah)
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