Baby’s Homecoming Decor


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So in my first two weeks of mat leave, sans bebe, I had some extra time on my hands to get super crafty for the spring and Easter season.  All the Valentines décor came down and up went bunnies and eggs and soft pastels to welcome in the spring thaw and March sunshine.  And with the birth of my baby girl fast approaching I thought I’d welcome her home in true Jackie-fashion with some personalized décor.  This front door banner was a kitchy way to combine some spring flare with the added announcement that our ‘Lil Chick” has arrived.  I glued brown craft paper onto yellow cardstock and just free handed my font with a black Sharpie.  I punched some tiny holes in the corners of each letter and used twine to string my banner up.  My planters each have a large tissue pom pom on the front of them that I made with all that tissue paper I got from my baby shower gifts back in January.  Just google how to make em… super duper easy!

2015-03-19 10.10.01
I used my chalkboard to announce all of baby’s stats, so when visitors came over they could get all those answers right off the bat.  I wrote everything out beforehand and just filled in the blank spaces after she was born of course…don’t worry I’m not psychic heheheh!
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And one more banner inside over our dining room mirrors.  Another cutesy spring-meets-baby quote…I can keep the top half for next year too.  These few projects really helped me kill an afternoon when I was twiddling my thumbs waiting (not so) patiently for my lil London Jool to arrive.  And it was a really lovely way to come home to these small little greetings.  Well I guess now I should introduce you to my sweet lil girl after all this anticipation right……….Here’s my beautiful SPRING CHICK!
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