DIY Baby Blankets, Horsies and Canvases



So my inner Martha Stewart paired with some motherly nesting tendencies have fueled me to make a few fun DIY blankets for my baby girl who will be arriving any day now.  I went to the Dollar Store and picked up a red pashmina and a white pashmina for $6.  Then I scoured my local Talize for some other soft blankets and found a fleece one for $2 and a very large soft knit cream blanket for $5 that I cut into a triangle shape for swaddling.


I bought some gold fabric spray paint and gold glittery soft fabric paint to make my decals on the fabric.  First though I pre-washed all my blankets, without fabric softener (as per the directions on the fabric paint).


I took some cardboard and cut out a geometric design with an exacto knife.  This was totally free hand, so I just went with whatever came to mind that day.


Next I covered up the part of the blanket that I didn’t want spray painted with a plastic drop sheet.  I flipped the stencil upside down to repeat the pattern just for visual interest.  This was my first time using fabric spray paint, and I found it somewhat finicky and would next time just draw out my design and free hand paint it instead.  It could potentially take longer but I feel I would have more control over the amount of paint being laid on the fabric.


Here is the finished product and I just love the glittery gold and fun Icelandic pattern that came out.  The fabric spray paint dried pretty rough, but the baby will be wrapped up on the underside that is still super soft and fleecy and warm.



For this triangle swaddle blanket I simply cut down that huge knit throw to the size I wanted and sewed the edges so there was no fraying.  Then I just free handed some cute gold hearts down the middle.  I’m bringing this one to the hospital for sure!


And lastly I used those dollar store pashminas to make a really customized blankey with baby’s name on the back.  Again, I totally free handed this for a handmade look.  Note: the pashmina material was quite thin and I had newspaper underneath while I was painting this.  The paint soaked right through the other side and ended up sticking to the newspaper and it was near impossible to peel and scrape away the paper that had stuck to the back after it had dried.  Thus I sewed another pashmina to the other side, which was better anyway for adding some more weight and thickness to the blanket overall.


For about $20 and a couple hours worth of making stencils, painting and sewing, I was able to make three really cute blankets for the baby.  The need for these blankets actually came from the fact that I really couldn’t find any blankets out there in red or white/cream, that didn’t have baby-ish decals or designs on it.  Everything out there is either pink or blue and many of the neutral coloured blankets were covered in cartoony characters that I just didn’t like.  So when you can’t buy it in a store…. make it yourself of course!




I wanted a flashy gold horsey for London’s nursery as well and this just goes to show you what a can of spray paint can do.  A $2 plastic toy horse from Talize and I found another lil horsey at the Dollar Store too, plus a $10 can of gold spray paint and voila… instant glam!  I braided the hair on this horsey just to keep it clean and neat for accepting the spray paint.
This is probably one of my fav things in her room now.  I’m on the hunt for a third medium sized horse to add to this team of horsies!

And I banged out this custom quote canvas in an hour or so.  I had some old canvases laying around that had some painting on it that I just didn’t need anymore.  So out came that gold spray again and I covered up that ugly old painting with a heavy coat of shiny gold.  After letting it dry completely I just free handed my lil quote with pencil first on the canvas, then filled it in with black paint.  To add some interest and clean up the edges I used a black Sharpie marker and I was done in no time.  My husband has been singing the “You are my sunshine” lullaby to the baby in my belly this entire pregnancy, so I thought this was a fitting lil quote to put on the wall.  He was really touched when he came home and saw it, front and center when you first enter her nursery.



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