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I firmly believe that leading a healthy vibrant life is the key to happiness- without our good health we really have nothing.  I get asked health questions all the time by family, friends and patients and now fellow momma’s…. so I’m adding another new section to the blog aptly named “HEALTHY HAMMER GIRL“.  I’ll be posting little workout tid bits, some things regarding massage therapy and anything related to the health of my family- I’m new to this mom thing and sometimes I just don’t know all the answers (shocking right ?! bahahaha).  So as much as I’ll be giving info and advice, I’d love just as much to get it back from any of you who’d like to comment and contribute.


I’m starting with a post on infant oral care because I received this infant oral care set for my baby shower and have no idea what to do with all the pieces and London has finally started solid food and I’m preparing for her first tooth to come in soon.  Dr. Rocci from Gateshead Dental was kind enough to answers some questions I had.

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1. Now that London is eating solids what should I do to maintain proper oral hygiene for her?
Dr. Rocci suggests cleaning her gums with a cloth twice a day or after meals.  This helps clear the gums of any leftover food and helps to establish a good routine with the baby to accept a toothbrush in the future.

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2.  What is this infant fingertip gum stimulator for?
This is just a fancy tool to clean the gums and I much prefer Dr. Rocci’s method of wiping the gums down with a cloth.  London didn’t mind me sticking this plastic thing in her mouth, but it just wasn’t as easy and accurate as swiping with a cloth on my fingertip.

IMG_3995 IMG_3994

3.  When London’s first tooth finally comes in what should I do in regards to brushing?
With the infant toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste* (size of a grain of rice), brush the front and back of the teeth, plus the tongue to dislodge food and bacteria.  No rinsing is necessary since only a very small amount of toothpaste is being used.  Brushing should happen twice a day, morning and before bed, and the toothbrush should be replaced once the bristles begin to look worn.  We’re getting London acquainted with the toothbrush now…she has fun grasping it and waving it around like a magical wand.



So in the process of testing out these tools in her mouth, I ended up finding a piece of zucchini that she was stashing away like a little chipmunk hehehheheeh! Case in point, after babies eat a meal doing a quick wipe down of the gums is a pretty handy way to find little treasures.


This lil lady is all gums still, even at 7.5 months old.  I’m hoping when she starts teething it isn’t too much of an ordeal for her and we all get through it ok.  For now I’m totally enjoying this gummy smile and my happy little baby!

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*originally this post said toothpaste with fluoride, but I have looked into it a bit more and have decided against using a toothpaste with fluoride for London





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