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We had the most relaxing day on Puka Beach while in Boracay.  We all crammed into a tricycle and had a bumpy but fun ride through the back roads.  We passed a school where the kids were playing a game of basketball in their bare feet, and saw lots of little vendors and local residences.  As much as Boracay is a tourist destination with beautiful places to stay, the local life of Filipinos is still very apparent and its moments like these that I appreciate all that I have.

Puka Beach had soft golden sand, some shells, lot of waves and a lush backdrop of green forest.  We grabbed the cutest bamboo beach chairs with little thatched umbrellas and the best watermelon pillows…like how adorable right!?! There were beach dogs running around who were friendly and one of them decided to hang out at our feet all day.  We all played in the sand and then literally vegged out all day, reading magazines and books or listening to our music.  London didn’t nap but passed out hard on our tricycle ride home.

And my favourite part was having some Filipino snacks.  Vendors would come around selling ice cream, garlic fried peanuts and lumpia (spring roll).  We got some turon too which are deep fried bananas or plantain usually caramelized with sugar and covered in a egg roll wrapper.  These ones were the baby bananas skewered on a bamboo stick.  They were super yummy and sweet.

And then the infamous balut…I have still not gotten the courage up to try one of these but my brother was feeling adventurous and wanted to get back to his roots with one of these Filipino treats.  (He tried to get a bit drunk beforehand to build some liquid courage and an appetite hahahah).  For those who don’t know what a balut is…click on this Wikipedia link– not for the faint of heart.  Basically a developed chicken embryo in its egg shell, complete with feathers, claws, a beak and some salty soup that is most coveted.  There’s even a special way to peel and eat it for maximum enjoyment.  Corbin did not enjoy his balut, mostly because it was overcooked, so our doggie friend got some yummy delicacy scraps…I feel like even the dog turned his nose up to the balut hahah!



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