A Paradise called Palawan



philippines 597

blissfully floating away into the ocean

philippines 567

views off our water cottage balcony



we enjoyed sitting on our balcony a lot, just soaking in the day and the scenery




flying high with daddy at the infinity pool


philippines 600


steps from our balcony right into the ocean. the snorkelling was amazing.






philippines 703

returning from a snorkeling excursion. London napped on the boat the whole time and was a happy camper on the way back

philippines 723

5:30am sunrise paddle boarding on our last morning.

philippines 717

philippines 670

real rocks, real rock climbing. so challenging but so fun

philippines 663

philippines 728

ma familia

philippines 656

Did you know Palawan was named the number one island in Asia for 2016?  Well it was and we can attest to its awesomeness!  We had the greatest time at Apulit Island Resort.  We did a lot of activity and a lot of relaxing too which is the perfect recipe for the best vacation.  Our resort was the only thing on this tiny island so it allowed us to really decompress from the world.  Everything in Palawan is meant to be eco friendly, sustainable and environmentally conscious.  We had all the amenities but felt so connected to nature and the sense of calm there.

The snorkeling that was right off our water cottage was amazing.  The first afternoon there we saw baby sharks from our balcony, which freaked us out a little to know we were swimming near them, but the staff assured us they were friendly….if sharks can be friendly I guess?!?!  But staying in these water cottages and being able to snorkel right off them has definitely been a bucket list item of mine for awhile.  CHECK!!!!

We did a hike through the jungle (or was it a forest?), one morning and really worked up a sweat and felt like we earned our breakfast.  The food here was amazing…it was buffet style for every meal, but it was always something new and everything was so fresh and cooked just right.  I think our favourite meal of the entire trip in the Philippines was always breakfast, but especially here on Apulit Island.  Grilled tocino and longanisa, garlic fried rice and fried eggs to order, plus lots of fresh fruit- this is a pretty typical Filipino breakfast and I think we all craved it the most cuz we don’t normally treat ourselves to something this heavy and lets be honest, unhealthy, back home in Canada.  We lived it up every morning ha!

Some other amazing things we did were:

  1. Rock Climbing- on real rock!!! It was soooooo hard but we all did it.  And the rock climbing guides would go up like spider man, without a harness, and make it look so easy.  We all felt like jello at the end
  2. Kayaking- the water was so calm and it was just us out there.  We even brought London out with us which was fun to include her in some activity.
  3. Paddle boarding- my cousin and I went on our last morning at 5am to catch the sunrise.  It was so serene, peaceful and beautiful and probably my favourite moment of our entire trip.  I even chased a baby shark around on the board to get a good snap of him.
  4. Sand play- early mornings or late afternoons were spent with London in the sand
  5. Happy hour- we would all rush to the bar by 6:30pm to get those two for one drinks in before dinner and London had a blast dancing one night…the other nights she barely made it to dinner she was so pooped.

I can’t say enough good things about this island, this resort and this vacation.  Take me back please!




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