Palawan: When long and hard travel days are always worth it!


After a short flight from Manila, the plane dropped us on the tarmac and this adorable jeepney brought us to the terminal. 

The El Nido airport was literally the smallest, cutest, most primitive airport I’ve ever seen.



Just stretching our legs at the airport!





philippines 559

We were all smiles at the start of the 90 minute boat ride… it was absolute torture and I was totally green by the end.

philippines 727

View from our Water Cottage- absolutely worth the torturous boat ride.




People always ask me how we travel so much with a toddler- and my answer is always,  “she doesn’t know the difference!”.  If London is gonna be tired, hungry, happy, energized or cranky, she’s gonna be all those things whether at home or on a plane/bus/boat/taxi.  So we just deal with her the same way we would anywhere… with love, patience and lots of snacks hahahaha.

But I can attest that some of the longest and gruelling travel days are always the most worth it in the end (toddler or not in tow).  The farthest corners of the world and most remote places provide the greatest reward.  Our trip to El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines was just that.  A beautiful paradise that killed us to get too!

We stayed at Apulit Island Resort and here’s how we got there:

  1. a one hour plane ride via Air Swift, from Manila to El Nido
  2. a 90 minute van ride from the smallest airport eva’ to the port
  3. a supposed 45 minute boat ride that turned into a horrible 90 minutes of torture… I sat with my head and arm out the side of the boat, getting seared in the blazing sun, and watched the horizon, hoping we were almost there, only for us to feel like we were stuck in the same spot for hours…actually sometimes it felt like we were going backwards and getting further away.  I was green by the end of that ride, which isn’t unusual for me at all.  My brother hurled a few times and filled up the barf bag and Jade was just as green as I was…sea sickness is the worst!!!!

And a note to anyone who doesn’t get seasick or motion sick…. DO NOT TALK to the person who is trying to focus and keep from barfing all over the place… we just wanna be left alone till the torture is over and our stomachs can settle back into place.  And also DO NOT MOVE all around…please be perfectly still, don’t fidget and again don’t talk LOL- we know you mean well but talking and moving just makes us feel worse.

But honestly the resort, the view and our time at Apulit Island was all totally worth it.  I’ll fill you in on what we did while we were there in the next post.  Stay tuned!



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