Cafe Augusta


Cafe Augusta
156 James Street South, Hamilton
visited February 26, 2017





High Coffee $25/person


Earl Grey Crepe $6



Ok it’s been a long while since I’ve done a resto blog post.  I’m sawwwwrrrrry… I don’t know how many times I get to use the “imma busy mama” excuse, but I’m using it here again.  Anyways…Cafe Augusta is just all around divine!  And if you haven’t made a stop there yet then you’re missing out.

My girlfriend and I went on the first weekend they were offering their new High Coffee and it was so lovely.  If you’ve read my blog before on my high tea experiences you’ll know I’m a bit of a snob about it…. I always compare it to my time having high tea in London at The Rubens and I’m generally not a fan of the food offered at a typical high tea, and go more for the experience.  But I loved the twist on this experience at Cafe Augusta and subbing in the usual pot o’ tea for some rich coffee.

You get to choose the origin of your coffee (central america, south america or africa), the method of brewing (chemex, siphon or batch brew) and then of course this three tiered platter of sandwiches and pastries comes with it.  I prefer an espresso based drink so got a latte instead, but the chemistry lab of coffee brewing is pretty interesting to watch.

Everything on the platter was delicious and nothing was bland or boring- i especially liked that the sandwiches were served in different breads like croissants, crepes and crusty rolls instead of the usual white wonder bread.  The scones were a touch on the dry side but still good..but this platter definitely needed the clotted cream to add that decadent ‘high tea’ feel to it.  I pretty much always ask for a second serving of clotted cream every time I go to high tea, so to have it missing in this platter was a little disappointing.

We also ordered an Earl Grey Fudge Crepe with vanilla ice cream and raspberries.  The combo of flavours were really good and the crepe was cooked perfectly but the ratio of ingredients was a little off for me.  The earl grey fudge, although super delicious, was just too sweet and there was a large slice of it on the inside of the crepe.  I would’ve preferred more ice cream and raspberries on the inside and the fudge crumbled into bits over the top.  I was getting large bites of fudge that were making my teeth hurt with sugary sweetness.  (The crepe is also gluten free if you care)




And I have to totally swoon over the decor of this cafe.  Honestly it’s the prettiest cafe in all of Hamilton in my opinion.  Every time I visit here I say “I wish my house looked like this!!!!”.  The red brick fire place, blue washed chevron benches and chemistry inspired light fixtures always make me smile.  Plus the large windows at the front just let a ton of natural light flood into the space and it just feels warm and calm.  I think this ambiance is perfect for High Coffee to be honest…. it feels special and classy yet still relaxed.  I could honestly go on forever about this but I’ll stop here.

And service was great.  The girls explained everything on our platter (I kinda zoned out to be honest, not because it was boring, but because it was Sunday morning and I didn’t have caffeine in me yet lol).

So next time you’re looking for a little twist on the high tea experience, definitely check out Cafe Augusta for their High Coffee.

4.4 Beautiful

Hands down the most beautiful cafe in Hamilton. The ambiance and service are all spot on. Adding cocktails, crepes and High Coffee to their menu elevates this place to next level coffee joint.

  • Food 3.5
  • Decor/Ambiance 5
  • Service 5
  • Value 4

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