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I finally got to check out the cherry blossoms at High Park in Toronto this past weekend.  I’ve been wanting to go for a few years now but the timing has just never worked out for us.  We got here early which was good because the crowds were low and we actually found a parking spot right when we arrived.  London passed out on the drive in and continued her early nap in her stroller as we explored the park.  She’s transfers so well from the car to a stroller or into her crib if she’s fallen asleep….we all know waking a toddler from a nap is never a good idea.

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom and just so pretty.  I’ve been thinking of planning a trip to Japan during their cherry blossom season but I really feel like the blossoms at High Park hit the spot for me.  And planning an overseas trip while expecting mother nature to co-operate is always a dicey decision.

I’ve never been to High Park and it was just so lovely.  Literally just off the highway in Toronto you’d never know that this sprawling park with a mini zoo, lakes and ponds and a big playground for the kiddies would be so spectacular.  There were lots of families out enjoying the day, runners on the trails and school kids doing projects in the park.

There was one stunning magnolia tree that was in perfect bloom too and everyone was stopping to take pics of it.  London had fun hiding in the honeysuckle bush.  She’s really awful at hide and seek and just puts her hands over her eyes as if we can’t see her when she’s attempting to hide.

I don’t know how much longer the blossoms will be out, but even if you miss them, the rest of the park is still a lovely place for a picnic or an afternoon stroll.  Try to get here if you can!!!


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