JackieI thought I’d be a useful contributing citizen of Hamilton and help you all decide where to eat your next meal. Your hard earned money should be put to good use and your bellies and taste buds deserve to be satisfied and tantalized. As a born and raised Hamiltonian I’ve come to love introducing people, (mostly just some friends n family that don’t get out much, the odd out-of-town visitor and now YOU my loyal followers!) to all the wonderful places the Hammer has to offer. The food scene here is experiencing quite the revival and I’m happy to do the dirty work for ya and check out these new and old restos, then give you my review. Happy eating and exploring #hamont!

Besides eating and blogging here is some other stuff you might wanna know about me: I am a full time Registered Massage Therapist who has been helping and treating patients for over a decade now. I love my job more now, than the day I started, and it brings me joy and a feeling of accomplishment everyday when my patients walk out of my treatment room feeling better than when they came in. When I’m not eating, blogging or massaging I am most definitely travelling. I’ve been to over 28 countries and am clearly addicted to seeing the world and experiencing other cultures first hand. Staying fit and active is another passion of mine…. You might see me running down a busy road early in the morning… don’t honk please it only startles me. And when I’m not eating, blogging, massaging, travelling or working out I’m most definitely cooking, decorating, crafting, on a wine tour in Niagara or at a garage sale!