Author Jackie Guanzon

I thought I’d be a useful contributing citizen of Hamilton and help you all decide where to eat your next meal. Your hard earned money should be put to good use and your bellies and taste buds deserve to be satisfied and tantalized. As a born and raised Hamiltonian I’ve come to love introducing people, (mostly just some friends n family that don’t get out much, the odd out-of-town visitor and now YOU my loyal followers!) to all the wonderful places the Hammer has to offer. The food scene here is experiencing quite the revival and I’m happy to do the dirty work for ya and check out these new and old restos, then give you my review. Happy eating and exploring #hamont!

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Cafe Augusta 156 James Street South, Hamilton visited February 26, 2017 Ok it’s…

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I finally got to check out the cherry blossoms at High Park in Toronto this…

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We had the most relaxing day on Puka Beach while in Boracay.  We all crammed…

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