It seems like a natural progression to go from blogging the restaurant experiences I have to the food I love to cook. I’ve decided to share some of my recipes with you, mostly because I end up taking a picture of my food creations (shameless food pics abound on my instagram!) and then typing out the recipe for a girlfriend, who desperately begs for it and then probably never ends up cooking it in the end.

Nevertheless, now you can all defer to this site for something yummy to cook or bake at home. I’d like to say I’m a conscious eater and gravitate towards a balance of healthy, tasty and creative dishes- which means I eat meat (yes even bacon, but light on the red meat), gluten (baked goods are just not the same without it), wheat (always whole wheat though), carbs (my weakness), fat (this is where all the taste, texture and flavour come from), dairy (almond milk instead of cow milk, but always a big tub of greek yogurt in my fridge), caffeine (espresso junkie) and even the devil of all foods, sugar! Moderation is the key right?! Happy cooking!

Homemade IMG_4653

This is my go to recipe for something quick & easy and it’s great because you can…

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